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Supply Chain Management

Knowing your vendor is more than simply buying from a specific provider. The vendor has a vendor who also has a vendor. Supply chain management oversees the vendors needed for your own services and provides quality control over your incoming products that must safely and securely integrate with your environment.


Smart Innovative provides logistics operations for government supply chain management from provisioning to delivery and acceptance. We handle small to large supply chains so that you know products and services are securely delivered in the most efficient way possible.

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Traffic Control Technician and Specialist

For most government organizations, juggling multiple construction commitments is common. They need the right contractor to help them manage the many issues involved with roadway construction to keep traffic flowing and avoid incidents. Safety and efficiency in traffic control is Smart Innovative's goal in facilitating smooth automotive flow.

Traffic management is a critical component in highway construction, and Smart Innovative delivers safety for construction teams, the equipment, and the public. Using our safety strategies, your construction project will run much smoother with fewer risks to the safety of workers and the public.


Smart Innovative is ATSSA Certified for traffic control to ensure the highest safety standards.